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Residential Locksmith

Here at Pink Locksmith, a locksmith providing service in Portland OR and the surrounding areas as well in our shop, we provide residential locksmith services

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Emergency Locksmith

We bring full-packed toolboxes to our emergency locksmith services because working with assumptions often breaks the lock. When you are in the middle of a

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Automotive Locksmith

Most automotive lock challenges today are emergencies. A golden key can open any door, just as well as our khaki-coated technicians can unlock any car

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We Have Store Front!

9050 SW Barbur Blvd, Portland, OR 97219
Store Hours Sunday – Friday 9-6 pm
And we open 24/7 for mobile locksmith

Locksmiths still do their jobs, pandemic lockdowns or not. They are key workers, after all.

Welcome to the cradle of pins and cylinders, keyholes and ignitions, faceplates and backplates, spindles and latches, finger-friendly bows, and trouble-free car locks. On this turf, it’s our job to keep your home and business’ physical or tech-enabled security on lock.


We will evaluate your current locks and see what your best options are before starting the service. If you are locked out, locks are broken, or you broke a key in a lock, no problem. Did you lease a new property and don’t know who still has a key? We can change or re-key locks as well.

We are fully stocked with a wide range of locks and security options to best suit your security needs. Most service calls require only one trip. When it comes to providing excellent customer service, we prefer the “once and done” method of doing business.

About Us

International Standards

We offer local locksmith services at international standards. That means we are easily accessible and affordable, but work on your locks and keys using the most recommended methods. Our technicians are trained to fix, repair, rekey, uninstall or reprogram your locks using the safest and most effective approaches, eliminating mishaps, mistakes, and unforeseen misfortunes.

Your Home is Important to us

Are you building a new Portland home and need a sophisticated lock system—perhaps a digitally-enabled system—that keeps the comfort in and the danger out? Our team stays on top of industry trends and the latest products in the market that will complement the style and design of your property.

Different from the Competition

What makes us different from the competition? Apart from closely monitoring and advancing the Portland locksmith market, Pink Locksmith makes it easy for our residential, commercial, and automotive clients to source top-quality locks directly from the producers. We work as middlemen of sorts, and that’s one way we stay up to date with client needs and industry shifts.

Our clients trust us

Our clients trust us

We started this journey many years ago, and today we take pride in the number of people we have satisfied. Our clients trust us, and we strive to exceed their expectations on every job—regardless of its size, location, or complexity. We’ve also won many hearts with an emergency service that’s basically the SOS of the locksmith guild.

Investing in the security

Investing in the security

Investing in the security of your living space or physical office is ever a wise decision, costs apart. Eliminating the chances of danger to everyone is twice as wise. In these wildly unpredictable pandemic eras, it is pertinent to observe WHO, gov’t, or industry-provided COVID-19 guidelines to make sure nobody’s at risk of going under the weather. Our team members are ongoingly tested and come to site with the ample protective gear.

What Should You Choose Us?

Pink Locksmith is your soup-to-the-nut locksmith service provider, offering everything you need from A to Z.
But why should we choose our offer above that of every other locksmith services provider in town? It’s simple: offering value. Here’s a wrap of how we do it.

Emergency Services

Like we said earlier, Pink Locksmith’s status as a well-known provider of residential and commercial security has—in part—come off the backs of our emergency services. We are consistent with our delivery and deliberate about offering you this local (as well as hurried) service with cross-border standards.

If you are stranded in the middle of downtown Portland and accidentally locked out of your four-wheeler, give us a call ASAP and we will show up to help you regain access to the vehicle—irrespective of its brand, size, or model.

24/7/365 is the keyword!

We are aware that most emergencies come up without a memo, and that they need to be resolved as soon as possible to lockout further complications.

If you are locked out of your Lloyd District home, can't seem to access your winegrape company along the west of the Willamette River, our agency is mobile and punctual enough to come and attend to you really fast. We take that distress call seriously, come shine; come dark. Assuming it’s a 7 AM lockout on a Sunday or a rekeying job during a national holiday, we’ll give you that much-needed rest of mind.

Responsive Comms

There is this long-running joke of sorts that craftsmen don’t fancy too many questions when they are working for you. There is a double-entendre in play: locksmiths like to use their hands more because that’s where they're most effective. So most times they like to zone in, get the job done on the first time and look forward to offering you more on the next possible appointment.

Funny rumors aside, communication is critical to the success of any task, whether small or big. First off, Pink Locksmith makes it possible to get an expert locksmith to your location through standbying with an in-house comms team. They take your calls, respond to your emails, and answer all the questions you have—notwithstanding how many.

Our comms specialists are friendly, honest, explanatory, patient, and dutiful to updating on the progress of services. More importantly. the company’s service-oriented locksmiths are quite responsive on-site. There’s always some available for you to talk to. The lock pros are also willing to provide you with technical clarifications where needed or requested, as well at our shop.

Specialized Tools & Quality Material

If you work with an unqualified or license-lacking handyman promising you an irresistible discount, there’s every chance that they’d come with only hammers, pliers, mostly with the ultimate resort of jimmying your lock to help you regain access.

Full disclosure: jimmy-locking is often the easiest way to worsen the problem. If care’s not taken, there is every chance that Murphy’s Law will chow down on that appointment. Working with a locksmith with no proof of qualification is like walking into a piano class choked full of greenhorns and requesting them to play Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 in C major.

When you hire us, though, we come with a toolbox comprising key programmers, tensioners, plug spinners, key machines, damaged/broken key extractors, and torsion wrenches among others. Nonetheless, specialized tools are only highly effective when the materials they are used on are of top-quality.

For blue-collar recommendations you can count on, and the ideal products for that gig, Pink Locksmith is obliged to provide you with a range of affordable, durable, and highly functional products. It’s no hard labor for us to source materials that exhaustively address your needs.

Professional Solutions

The physical—and perhaps also electronic—security industry still needs watchdogging, because it’s relatively easy to advertise as a locksmith without having the license, qualifications, or relevant skills to render their services effectively and without risks.

The locksmith industry of Portland, however, is a complex one; only a longstanding agency like Pink Locksmith has the required expertise level to secure your property. The competence as well as diligence to assess, repair, replace and freshly install the various physical/electronic systems on the existing housing models and building models is smithed on the palms of our hands.

To guarantee that our consultancy is reliable, we have since gone pro with the services we offer. For this reason, learning never ends for any of us. Pink Locksmiths slots in substantial time and effort to crack the physical and electronic niche of Portland’s million-dollar real estate sector.

We continuously refine our process, revise our methods and advance the skills needed to leave you a satisfactory job. We also have a long list of ethics we always code by.

Cost-free Security Checks

At Pink Locksmith, there are a couple of things you don’t have to pay for, compared to how most locksmith “bureaus” charge. Firstly, our quotes—or estimates—are completely free of charge. That means we can organize a detailed and well-planned proposal for your locksmith project and won't charge you a dime for it.

Secondly—and more essentially—we inspect your residential or commercial property while having an FOC- shaped smile on our faces. A non-manual, fully independent, and deeply committed locksmith service provider, Pink Locksmith offers out cost-free security checks on your property.

Whenever we come to fix that lock, replace that key or help you get back into your house, our proficient smithies will assess the state of your locks to identify the weak spots and proffer a practical, sufficient solution. We don’t leave your home or business until we are darn sure we give your setup enough juice to
Pink Locksmith

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When it comes to reliable and custom-tailored residential, commercial and automotive locksmith solutions, insights, and advice, Pink Locksmith mans the door for Portland, Oregon.

Give us a call on (503) 743-7885 so we can better discuss how to optimize the security and (exclusive) accessibility of your home, business, and car. Or, you could just drop an email at [email protected].

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